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Why should you Franchise?

On Sky Global has created its own brand value in the Education sector. It is an institution that understands and recognizes the difference, celebrate and encourage the diversity, promote and develop strengths and overcome the weakness of the students. It spreads high-level skill training and professional programs globally.

Franchising can help business owners find success faster. Franchise owners enjoy lower operating costs and have the ability to focus energy and efforts on managing the business and adding value, rather than developing systems and working to secure partnerships with vendors. We epitomize vibrancy and sensitivity to the needs of all stakeholders.

If you are entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in the education sector or an established enterprise looking to enter or expand the area of education and training, On Sky Global will be the perfect platform to achieve your business goals.

Reasons to Franchise with On Sky Global

As a prospective OSG Business Partner, you invest in a partnership perfectly suited to the current digital economy in the field of training and education. We promise you a dignified, solid base in the world’s fastest growing industry and the reward of bringing exciting new learning opportunities to your community and a proven business model.

Benefits Acquired To Have On Sky Global Business Partner/Franchisee Model

  • Brand Association, Sharing Goodwill and Modus Operandi
  • Industry-relevant substance & Intellectual Scholastic and Technology Techniques
  • Corporate Marketing support in terms of Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Placement Cell for the support of students
  • Proven Business Model- We have a wealth of experience in not just developing the world's best training, but perfecting ways to sell, market and deliver it.
  • Franchisee Training & Support- Extensive training resources including an intensive two-week new owner and manager program. Over time, share and acquire knowledge so you can quickly address any business challenge. You are not alone!
  • World Class Content- Access to one of the largest library of course manuals, web and video-delivered content and practice exams at much lower costs.
  • Learning Methods- Delivers across traditional and flexible classroom and virtual/e-learning learning methods, Mentored Learning

Franchise Models

On Sky Global offers two different Franchise models to suit needs of an entrepreneur or a business corporation who is interested to explore the opportunities in education sector. You may engage with OSG to explore the mutual excellence and growth by leveraging our franchise models-

Franchisee (Non Exclusive Single Center License)

  • A Franchisee or a retain center is allowed to run a single training center
  • It can offer OSG academic and professional executive programs to students
  • This model is suitable for entrepreneurs or individual professionals who want to start their own education business
  • The center can offer all or selected academic programs on offer by On Sky Global
  • Become a Franchisee of On Sky Global to invest in a lucrative, risk free and high return business opportunity.

Master Franchisee (Exclusive License for a Specified Region)

  • On Sky Global appoints a master franchisee for a state, a single country and group of countries.
  • OSG master franchisee rights are exclusively given to a very few select business groups or organizations and high net-worth individuals.
  • To bring value to our master franchisee, OSG equips them with vast product lines, multiple revenue streams and time tested business model.
  • Earnings from Licensing fee and Royalty.
  • You will have strong role in making the Marketing strategy for your territory.

Our Offerings to Franchisee

  • Guidelines for center setup, interiors, labs, training equipment and software installations.
  • Set of Training Resources Materials including colored course material, training kit etc.
  • Trimester Examination/ Evaluation Guidelines along with sample set of course ware.
  • Designs and layouts for advertising material and other promotional activities.
  • Process details on the Academic delivery and Quality control.

Steps to owning Franchise

Once an in-principle agreement is reached between the interested franchisee and On Sky Global, the following steps are required to be completed for early takeoff:

  • Center Location Finalization
  • Filling Up Form and submit along with business plan & incorporation certificate
  • Application will be reviewed within 5 working days from receipt of complete documents.
  • An applicant franchisee will receive a notice stating either approval or rejection of application. An approved center will receive a non-negotiable agreement.
  • Upon receipt of signed agreement and fees, the new franchisee will receive welcome kit, operations manual, code of conduct, online courseware and required academic support Material.
  • Setup Local Infrastructure
  • Hiring and Training of Manpower
  • Pre launch Promotional Plan

Interested in becoming franchise?
To receive a copy of our application form and accreditation process, please contact [email protected]