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On Sky Global Inc. is a leading and eminent education service provider based in the United States of America and comprises a rich portfolio of professional certification courses across Technology, Business, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Finance, Language and Heath & Wellness domains through its global associates.

Carrying forward the OSG’s legacy of over four decades in education, OSG helps working professionals and students enhance their skills and fast-track careers. OSG has redefined learning in the professional certification program space with a wide range of course options, expert faculty and an award winning learning platform. Benchmarked against global certification standards, our course content is designed and developed by industry experts. Our learning programs, whether designed for a global organization or an individual professional, help businesses close skills gaps and foster an environment of continuous talent development.

Not only are these certification courses good for skill enhancement but with industry recognized certification, they are also a great value add to one’s resume. Over the last three years, OSG has provided more than 45,000 students with industry-leading technical training that delivers the most relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications.

All of OSG’s Learning Methods deliver the same comprehensive content—in online and traditional classroom settings, at your worksite, and self-paced with one-on-one support. OSG delivers learning solutions to support customers as they adapt to key business transformations and technological advancements that drive the way that organizations around the world differentiate them and thrive.

We create innovative training solutions that work for your business and we will account for the results—whether your company is small, mid-sized or a global enterprise.

Our Mission

  • OSG educates Leaders, enhances intellectual growth, and enriches lives.
  • To deliver superior quality services to our clients every time, all the time.
  • To provide innovative consultancy development services in education that supports development goals of governments, institutions and organizations.
  • Impacting prosperity and better living conditions for all.
  • To change billions of lives by providing great education, accessibly and affordably, to everyone.
  • To make continuous learning a part of life.

Our Vision

  • To make OSG a dynamic, vibrant, value based learning and consulting service provider worldwide that offers world-class programs technology and international qualification.
On Sky Global

International Recognition


On Sky Global is a leading education service provider and eminent management consulting organisation in the United States of America. It is duly incorporated and approved under the Laws of the State of Delaware and is in good standing and has a legal corporate existence.


On Sky Global has achieved another milestone. It has been admitted as an Accredited Member of the Board of Quality Standards. It has met all requirements regarding institutional integrity & administrative competence & legal authority to award certificate and diplomas worldwide. Professional Commendation: Registered institution in USA with full affiliation Authority.


On Sky Global is an Accredited Training Provider of Training Accreditation & Certification Organization (TRACCERT - Agency registered with the government of Canada as Training Accreditation and Certification agency and a member of the AAAC Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada), a global entity providing opportunities to training providers (both individuals and companies) as well as learners to benefit from accreditation and certification with a valid and verifiable status gained through a well-trusted and rigorous process.


On Sky Global has teamed up with ResearchGate to give access to our students to access millions of publications and be able to publish their own work. ResearchGate is a social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators.


On Sky Global proudly announces the partnership with Academia.Edu to give free access to our students to share papers with millions of people across the world for free.


On Sky Global is a proud member of IVETA-USA (International Vocational Education and Training Association) which is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of high-quality vocational education and training throughout the world. With joined hands with IVETA, we would be working to create a new era in communication among vocational educators.globe The network includes vocational skills training organizations, business and industrial firms, and other individuals and groups interested or involved in vocational education and training worldwide.


On Sky Global enjoys the prestigious membership from IAEVG-USA (International Association for Education and Vocational Guidance), a vibrant global professional community and international association for career and educational guidance and practitioner associations.

With joined hands with IAEVG, we at On Sky Global could contribute to develop and maintain cooperative relationships with professional colleagues and administrators in order to facilitate the provisions of optimal educational and vocational guidance.