Open to:Undergraduate or Graduate Level
PrerequisitesEnglish Proficiency - Reading and Writing
Course Format:Individually Paced
Prerequisites:Typically for 1 year
Course Code:OSG-HA
A middle east born tradition, which is now used in many parts of the world, is a very flourishing industry which currently requires experts and if you have the passion to draw and design then this course can help you take your skill to the next level.The course covers the basic to advanced level of heena(Mehndi), initiating with the basics of heena designing knowledge and histology of the skin impact of microbes and sterilization and sanitization and progressing till the final module of application of mehndi.
    • Basic tips for Paisley shape
    • How to make and fill mehndi cone?
    • How to hold Mehndi cone?
    • Types of leaf Design
    • Basic Mehndi designs
    • Different Filler Techniques
    • Types filling patterns
    • Quick Mehndi Design
    • Simple Arabic mehndi designs
    • Design to mesmerize your soul
    • Pro level mehndi learning
    • Bridal Mehndi Designs
  • All units are assessed by examination or written assignments.
  • To achieve a ‘pass’ for a unit, learners must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria. Judgement that the learners have successfully fulfilled the assessment criteria is made by the Assessor.
  • The Assessor should provide an audit trail showing how the judgement of the learners’ overall achievement has been arrived at.
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In fulfillment of the course, students are required to take the final examination, as well as an end-of-course project or research paper.

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